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wholesale and pop up shops

Dear friends



We are interested in placing pieces of Akanthos in shops or places of similar aesthetics. This either in the form of integration in the existing space, or in the form of a pop shop within the existing one. In both cases there will be full practical support from the Akanthos team both in the configuration of the space where the pieces will be exhibited and in marketing. The pieces of Akanthos are uniquely designed and made by hand by the designer himself and his collaborators, it is especially popular with people who love the brilliance and mystery of the unique, the special, the art, and avoid the ordinary. Even the pieces of Akanthos is it far from fashionable and ephemeral, creating timeless values ​​based on a peculiar personal modernism, often eccentric that does not forget the essential qualities of the history of plastic from the ancient world to the extreme avant-garde, always imitating Picasso who said? "If a work cannot live in the present, it can never live"